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 A Firm of “Public Servants For The Common Good”

Vernon L. McCallum

Areas of Focus

We will have primary responsibility for your company’s representation, but may utilize other associates, attorneys, legal assistants, accountants or financial consultants in the best exercise of our professional judgment. If, at any time, your organization has questions or concerns regarding the representation, please contact our office immediately.

Crisis management within our firm consists of different aspects for an individual or an organization.

Including, but-not-limited to:

  • Established methods used to respond to both the reality and perception of crises.
  • Basic guidelines and criteria to define what scenarios constitute a crisis.
  • Communicating with clients within the response phase of “emergency-management” scenarios. We refer to this as “Maximizing Damage Control”.
  • Immediately, we implement and execute a crisis-management plan.

We possess the ability to think of the worst-case scenario while simultaneously suggesting numerous solutions. Trial and error is an accepted discipline, as the first line of defense might not work. Our belief is that it is critical to maintain a list of contingency plans and to be always on alert. Organizations and individuals should always be prepared with a rapid response plan to emergencies for business matters, personal issues, credit reporting, financial mismanagement and unforeseen legal problems which would require analysis, drills and exercises.

The credibility and reputation of our organization is heavily influenced by the perception of how we respond to crisis situations. The organization and communication involved in responding to a crisis in a timely fashion makes for a challenge in personal crises or business affairs. Therefore, we insist on open and consistent communication throughout the hierarchy to contribute to a successful outcome.

To those that depend on you or your customers (and possibly to investors and other partners), why the crisis occurred doesn’t matter…What you do in response to get it fixed and even more importantly, how you communicate makes all the difference.

Perhaps you made an unwise financial decision that affected your immediate family, so drastically that it forced you to file bankruptcy. Maybe you shipped a bad batch of product. Maybe your back-end systems failed and customer information was lost or stolen. Or maybe you’ve just done something foolish. The clock is ticking…what should you do? Contact Vernon McCallum, LLC.

To deal effectively with a crisis we follow eight basic rules:

  1. Determine the real issue.
  2. Gather the facts, analyze the facts, and understand the nuances. It seems obvious, but this critical first step is often overlooked or rushed when people feel they have to respond rapidly–and when a crisis occurs, you’ll feel like you need to respond instantly.
  3. We keep in mind that even though you know your personal profile or business, you may not fully understand what happened in this specific instance. That’s why we dig in. We do the research. Speak with relevant parties. We gather as much information as we can. Find out what happened, backwards and forwards.
  4. We know that the message delivered is not the same as the message received. Different people interpret and assimilate information differently based on their level of interest and, in particular, to what degree the issue affects “them”.
  5. We combat that assumption by only saying what you know to be true. If, “I don’t know,” is the case at that moment, we say so. Don’t list dozens of possibilities for what might have happened. Don’t make excuses. Don’t point fingers. Own the responsibility for finding out what happened and fixing the problem–even if it turns out not to be your fault.
  6. At any point, if you don’t know an answer, just simply say so–because it’s the truth.
  7. We then explain how you plan to find the answers. When you can, we share those answers.
  8. Last but not least, during a crisis, we know we only get one opportunity to get things right. That’s why we take the time and do the work to ensure we get every step right. Ultimately, that’s what our clients, and the broader public, will remember most about our firm.
Vernon McCallum, LLC provides premier business assistance to organizations supplying expert assistance to start-up and existing businesses. Beginning with Incorporations and Organizations (which are customarily not structured properly, prior to filing) and we advise clients how to properly register with Dun and Bradstreet (being certain not to neglect all of D&B’s numerous and carefully scrutinized prerequisites).

As a result of proper structure of Articles of Incorporation and/or Organization, our client’s business has the option of applying for credit (immediately after approved filing by the Secretary of State within said jurisdiction) “ideally” without a personal guarantor. Yes, without a personal guaranty. For purposes of clarification, we are all aware that lenders, vendors and financial institutions are still quite conservative with its lending practices; however, we must remember that their objective is to loan money to an individual or business with a “profile” that is conducive to its lending model and fits within its guidelines, parameters and criteria. Worse-case scenario, the officer and/or owner of the business entity may be required to co-sign for the business during the initial phase of the Lender/Borrower relationship; Consequently, if the businesses credit profile contained within the repositories meets an adequate threshold and is able to financially sustain itself for prolonged periods, chances are that the Lender may ultimately relinquish guarantor from liability.

Obviously, if the request to be released from personal liability is not initiated and submitted by guarantor, the guarantor should expect nothing less than to remain “hostage” (so-to-speak) and ultimately, jointly liable for debts incurred by the business. One thing is for certain, business debt (even with a joint debtor/co-signor) should not be reported to a consumer credit agency/repository which is a major benefit to an individual’s debt-ratio, it maximizes credit scores, and in turn qualifies you for better “pricing” i.e. terms, rate, fees, etc…I think you get the gist of where this is going…Structure corporate documents properly in the beginning and it saves you and your business what we refer to here at the firm, as “Life Tuition” over the long haul.

Here at Vernon McCallum, LLC, we pride ourselves on ensuring that our clients and their businesses “maximize their bottom line”.

Youth Mentoring (*Emphasis on Education…GED Program affiliation with Illinois National Guard)
Serving at-risk youth since 2004, Lincoln’s Challenge Academy’s mentoring program matches youth with adult volunteers. The youth in our program has and can be referred by teachers, counselors, therapists, social workers, and other youth professionals. It is a known fact that issues such as problems at home with their families, struggling at school, peer pressure or experiencing issues in their neighborhood has influenced many of our young people to drop out of school. The average age range is between 15-19 years of age. But no matter what the age is…If you know a kid who dropped out of high-school…It is never too late to “GO BACK TO SCHOOL”.
The foundation of our Real Estate Business Model is based on “Integrity”, “Hard Work”, “Professionalism” & “Trust”. Our Firm is proud to be aligned with the McCallum name, a global symbol of integrity and quality.

Why Choose The McCallum Firm?

Whether you’re experiencing a crisis (personal or corporate), need nonpareil consulting assistance, simply made a bad decision, want to protect your assets and minimize personal liability, starting a new business or seeking unparalleled Real Estate Brokerage representation, our staff is here to assist you every step of the way. We are here to help “soften the blow” with what you’re being subjected to (self-inflicted or not). Allow us an opportunity to attempt in exceeding your expectations and our actions to reflect volumes at decibels that you can barely hear us speak…

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Why Choose Vernon L. McCallum Ltd.

What Do Others Say About The McCallum Firm?

Check out what our clients are saying about us and draw your own conclusions…

I am a business owner in Chicago. I have known Vernon McCallum for over seven years. I’ve employed his services over the years and most recently from 2013 thru 2014. He is very knowledgeable and responsive. I have always been satisfied with his service and have had a very good personal relationship with him over the years which began with our professional relationship.
Yinjie S.
Vernon McCallum, is a remarkable Multi-Talented Professional. He guided me through the rigors of purchasing my first home. The transaction was not standard as I was purchasing a home that was foreclosed. I never lost confidence in Mr. McCallum, as he guided me through the lengthy process. As time progressed, the transaction required placing “heat” on the attorneys from the selling bank, his firm did just that. He thoroughly explained every document to me in layman terms. First Class all the way…
Bruce B.
Mr. McCallum is one of the most genuine individuals I’ve ever known. He’s committed, dedicated, responsible and accountable when it comes to his work as a Professional. When he assisted my family and I during our financial recovery from the downturn in the economy, he saw it through and is still working with us as we near the end of our legal and financial dilemmas. He is a GOD-LOVING man, very honest and caring person. He fits perfectly within the Public Service sector as a servant of the people.
Donald D.
My experience with Vernon McCallum was different than those I have had with other Professionals in the past. One might think that any reason to seek out assistance is not always because of a desirable or comfortable situation. Working with Mr. McCallum has put me at ease. I find him to be knowledgeable in a variety of fields including finance, law, real estate, and crisis management issues. His experience and guidance has helped to make my uncomfortable scenarios, optimal…I also found him to be ideally responsive and patient to answer my many questions so that along the way, I understood each course of action and was best prepared.
Rebecca S.

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